Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby I love You..Love You..Love You So Much

Pregnancy is the happiest and emotional moment for every mother in the world. We can't see her/his, but we can feel her/his presence through the motion. My baby is very special because this is my first pregnancy. And now has entered 34 weeks. Indeed, not all pregnancies go smoothly. For example like me, at 30 weeks pregnancies, my daughter in a breech position, but i never give up. 

According to the doctor suggestion, i was told to do knee chest position and walking at every morning. I also often to do conversation with my lovely daughter because it was believed can  give positive suggestions to the baby. And it also honestly so powerful to give positive stimulation .. Alhamdulillah.. And don't forget we must also pray to Allah regularly. Hopefully, until my childbirth the baby still in the right position and my childbirth can be normal, comfortable and safe. Amin...

Anyway, before my childbirth, i catch every moment of her growth and keep them all at special photo album. Hopefully, it will become her unforgettable memories. Classical music always be played for her at a relax time. And don't forget to read Al-Qur'an everytime. I give her a beautiful name with the initial J.. hehehe.. 

Much Love,
Intan Shabriy