Monday, March 19, 2012

Pink Blush

 Straight shawl & Outerwear // by MISLA
Blue Dress // by Miami Beach
Unbrand bandana

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy 2nd Annnivesary

Today is a very special day because today we celebrate our second  anniversary. In the morning i get a surprise from my husband. He gives me a special cake that said "Happy 2nd Anniversary 18th March 2012, I love you". It makes me very touched. Then, we hugged each other and pray to God before we slice the cake. Accidentally our tears dripping out and we couldn't say anything...

We have been trough both happiness and sadness together. Hopefully at the age of this second anniversary, our love is everlasting love until the death do us part, have good a children, grand children and grand grand children  later and happily ever after. Aamiin...

Amazing Journey to The Borders of Two Countries

Nunukan and sebatik island are Indonesia's outer island that bordering with Malaysia. Interestingly, the border of two countries is only marked by the stakes. And of those stakes, the third stake is often visited. If we cross the line just an inch, we've been in Malaysia. So if the stake is between our legs, it means we've been in two countries at the same time.

In the waters boundary of the sea, there are flags of Malaysia and Indonesia which are attached together. It to indicate that the boundary of the two countries is the both flags.

And apparently there was also a kuda lumping attraction, which comes from the land of Java. Probably because most of the population is Javanese. Besides the Javanese, Bugis people also became the populated, while the natives stay at  the land across the Nunukan island.