Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My trip to the beautiful islands

I want to share about my holiday experience... : D. Holiday was very enjoyable. Moreover, going to the island which is still rarely touched by people because surely the place is still clean and has a pristine biodiversity..:). At the time, me and my husband (abi) try to adventuring to the island of Borneo as Derawan, Kakaban and Maratua. We can find all the places that definitely exist in Indonesia...:). To reach these places we can only ride a big speedboat. Yeeeey it's pretty cool :D. In order to visit all places, we decided to stay in Derawan.

Every place has its own preoccupations and uniqueness. For it's example Derawan. This island is famous for its cozy cottage, the beautiful underwater scenery, have a quiet environment, have a clean white sand and as a fun place to dive ;). In here also there are banana boat facilities. And in an under the sea, there are different kinds of plants and rare species of living things and has a coral reef with a beautiful color. Unfortunately at that time, i couldn't go with him (abi) for snorkel to see the beauty of a variety rare plants and animals in it, because i was afraid to go into under the sea, i can't imagine if later there's a shark behind me..hihihii.. and again unfortunately we can't take pictures of various animals and plants in the water because we don't have a particular camera for diving. So sad :(.

Alright guys, don't be sad again..:). Now, i'll tell you about Kakaban Island. This island is an isolated island where the place is very far from a population of approximately. This island is only inhabited by mangrove trees and non-toxic jellyfish. If we want to see the jellyfish closer, we can dive or snorkel. 

And taraaa...The last trip is Maratua. I think, the most suitable place with me is Maratua. You know why? because the location is quiet (completely away from the crowds). It's perfect for newlyweds to honeymoon :D:D. Not only away from the crowds, this place also indulge us with an abundance of beautiful scenery. I was fascinated with views of beautiful beaches and the soft white sand like a marsmallow. If I could eat it, i would immediately eat it, but unfortunately i couldn't :D. In here also a lot of sea shells that have unique shapes and colors that are on the beach. Although only a three-day holiday, so far..i really enjoy the trip. Alhamdulillah..:). I was very impressed with each place. Hopefully next time, i could visit this place again and i can visit other places that are not less beautiful..:)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

He was a genius

If we talk about this one star, it's certainly would have no end. He's famous with the moonwalk dance. Yups, he was a king of pop! The legend of the best pop music ever. He was not only as a king of pop who can sing and dance, but he was an entertainer and trendsetter. I think, he was a genius who can be anything.. do you agree?!

He also has creative ideas and unique to design his clothes and shoes :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

fab n edgy cap

Pagelaran busana Jakarta Fashion Week memang selalu dinanti-nantikan tiap kaum hawa di Indonesia. Seluruh desainer muda, baru dan ternama Indonesia bergabung dalam acara ini. Rancanganya pun berbeda-beda. Masing-masing desainer mempunyai ciri khasnya, dari mulai ready to wear, sophisticated, glam, ecletic etc. Namun, yang mencuri perhatianku adalah desain dari desainer ternama, yaitu Nuniek Mawardi. Busana muslimah yang ditampilkan dengan extraordinary! Why? because it's shown with a cap which has an unique model. That's an amazing fashion show for me :)

Let's see...

Beautiful! Topi yang dipakai oleh aladin dari negeri dongeng seribu satu malam mungkin menginspirasi sang desainer. Berpadu dengan dress metalic yang glam menampilkan busana muslimah ini makin terlihat sangat indah! :)

Sang pahlawan robin hood sepertinya telah mengilhami sang desainer untuk merancang topi miliknya :D. Dan hasilnya, taraaaa.... Unique, edgy n playful!

Topi khas orang antartika yang identik dengan topi kutub ini ternyata keren banget dipaduin dengan sequin vest. Mirip banget dengan koleksinya King Of Pop, Michael Jackson, hmmm... mungkin sang desainer terinspirasi dari doi kali ya..:D. Dan siapa sangka gaya seperti ini bisa dipakai untuk orang berhijab. Bangga!


brown bolero and the metalic cap. It's look stunning!

Topinya ngingetin kita sama punyanya dwarf ya. Itu lho kurcacinya si snow white. Mirip...! Dan topinya makin keliatan tambah cantik ketika diapadukan dengan unsur etnik one shoulder dressnya. Sukaaaaaa :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I wear hareem tie dye, loose top and flowery shawl :)



Inspiration For You -by HSC'ers-

casual style : her appearance look playful with knitting cardigan
she looks gorgeous when wearing kaftan with satin material
purple dress combined with outwear green tosca is looking good

black in inside and white in outside is pretty cool

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hasil dari kreativitas :)

Taraaa...... tebak-tebak apa coba outwear yang aku pakai ini? Pasti jawabnya batwing cardy...! Oh definitely Big No-No! Ini adalah kerudung paris yang kubentuk persegi panjang. Caranya : Lipat kerudung paris dengan membagi dua bagian hingga membentuk persegi panjang dan pertemukan kedua ujungnya ditengah, kemudian di pinkan menggunakan bros atau peniti. Voila! Jadilah statement yang keren :)

by: Intan Shabriy